Download Bee-Up for your operating system and install it to immediately start modelling.

Bee-Up for Microsoft Windows

Bee-Up for Linux

Bee-Up for Mac OS (32bit, 64bit)

The modelling tool built on ADOxx is packaged and can be downloaded by interested communities members as a standalone application. The download package is made available to all members.

This implementation provides a functionality to transform the modelled data into RDF, which also requires a functioning Java 1.8 installation. A download link and installation instructions can be found at This functionality also uses Apache Jena 3.1.0 (see for more information) and JDOM 2.0.6 (software developed by the JDOM Project -

Get the manual here.

Get the patch to fix a bug in the RDF Export.

Change history:

Major changes in Version 1.5:

  • Installation scripts for Linux and macOS created (check of corresponding package for more details).
  • Added functionality for cloning models, available through the “Modelling” component in the “Model” menu.
  • Flowcharts: When executing through the button of the Start Terminal the user will be asked to provide values for all the required variables.
  • Added a “General purpose attribute” to every element and relation. This can be used when certain values/data should be stored at the objects, but none of the other already available attributes fit.

When migrating to a new version it is recommended to use the XML export and import functionality to transfer the models.

Installation Instructions:

Please note that the tool you download is implemented as an experimental prototype and may contain premature functionality.

Download and Install Modeling Environment:
  1. Download the modelling toolkit (~470 MB)
  2. Extract the package to a local folder of your choice (executing the setup from within the ZIP file might cause permission issues).
  3. Run “setup.exe” (for Windows), “” (for Linux) or “” (for Mac) from the root directory to install the tool. Note: it might be necessary to add execution privileges to the .sh files on Linux/Mac. This can be accomplished using chmod +x [filename]
  4. In case of issues related to the setup (database initialization, collation settings), please visit for detailed instructions and solutions or have a look at the support documents in the “dbinfo” folder and/or the manual.

Note: With the Linux/Mac installations please consult the contained file for more information.

Note: The newest macOS Version (10.15 - Catalina) no longer supports 32-bit applications. Please use the Mac 64-bit prototype if you have updated to the latest macOS Version. If you plan to update to Catalina please export all the models first to avoid losing them. If you had the 32-bit version of Bee-Up installed before updating to Catalina please uninstall Wine and Docker (using Homebrew) before running the instlalation.

Additional Requirements:

The RDF Export functionality requires Java 1.8, which can be downloaded from