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Bee-Up: Donate

To ensure the continuous development and improvement of the Bee-Up tool, we kindly invite you to support this project by donating an amount of your choice.

Perhaps you are already a Bee-Up user, engaged in the conceptual modelling community, or simply would like to support our work? Your donation is very much appreciated!

Your donation contributes to:

  • extending the functionalities of the Bee-Up tool,
  • continuously improving the Bee-Up tool,
  • providing know-how support and technical assistance,
  • organizing Bee-Up events (training, workshops, tutorials),
  • growing the Bee-Up community,
  • and more.
Not sure whether to donate?

Don't worry, you can use Bee-Up for free. Should you later want to support Bee-Up monetarily you can always return here later.

Cannot donate money at this time?

You can support us with cool ideas for the Bee-Up tool or by pointing out any bugs or current issues using the tool’s issue tracking system.